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Local Farms

We ensure that our meat is sourced locally from neighborhood farms, for providing 100% fresh product for the customers.

Meet the Farmers


Dowell Farms

Rodney & Karen Dowell/Shane & Kara Dowell

The current Dowell Farm was established in 1987 by Rodney & Karen Dowell. Raising Purebred Angus Beef in Central Illinois, Rodney is particular about his business and only delivers his cattle to butchers he trusts. Rodney went as far as to personally interview Tom Magro when Magro’s Processing opened in Auburn in 2001. Rodney and Karen’s son, Shane, joined the family business in 2012. Today, Rodney’s son Shane works with Tom’s son Tony. As the families continue to grow their businesses, they work hard to put the best products on the table.

“Farming is a business, but it’s also a lifestyle. I feel blessed.” –Shane Dowell

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